10 ways to get backlinks to your site

When it comes to SEO and Ranking your website or blog in search engines, Backlinks plays the major role in moving top. If you are a newbie and thinking about building links Then these will be the perfect methods for building backlinks. Here are the best 10 ways to build backlinks for your site

10 ways to get backlinks#1 Directory submission

many people say that directory submissions are not working anymore. But, many people are still ranking their sites using quality web directories. Even Brian dean from backlinko says High-quality Directory submissions are still working like a charm. This is the basic link building technique in which you will give the details like URL, description etc and The editors of that particular directory will approve it if the info looks good.

#2 Link exchange with fellow bloggers

Link exchange also works like a charm if you do it in the right way. exchanging the links is a great way to get your blog posts ranked well in search engines

For example, “A” is the site which wants to exchange link with “B” Then the nice way would be like “A” will get a link from “B” and B will get link from another site of the owner of “A” s website. Thus, it works in a good way and There will not be any footprint.

#3 Build your own blog network

This would be the best method. but wait and make sure that, You are going to play safe. If you had built all the blogs with your email, your address etc.., Then, that would be a big footprint for google to catch you and deindex your domains in your blog network.

A good idea will be like, You will host different domains under different names and different IPs.

#4 Guest posts

Guest posts are a great way to get quality backlinks and good referral traffic. Posting quality guest posts will give you lot of exposure, quality links, good traffic etc..,

#5 Build a Reciprocal directory

If you build a reciprocal directory related to your niche, Then you are going to get a ton of links in the form of reciprocal link

#6 Building themes and scripts

You can build plugins, Themes etc and release them into the internet. So, if your themes or plugins are good enough then you will get the tons of backlinks for your website

#7 Post on forums and leave a signature

Following quality forums and giving replies in the threads by leaving a relevant link as signature will be very helpful in getting links from forums and message boards.

#8 Blog commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to get links. Find some good do follow commenting blogs and leave a relevant comment with your link. Blog commenting works really great when done on high authority blogs.

#9 Writing good testimonials

Writing good testimonials to the websites that are doing well and companies which are doing well will get you a High-quality backlink in return.

#10 Buying links

Buying and outsourcing link building services are a great way if done effectively. similarly, it will be the worst case if your links suck. Buying high-quality links from sites like links management etc.., will be very helpful in getting quality links for your site

These are the best 10 ways for building backlinks for your website. If you have any doubts or any suggestions, please feel free to list them below.

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