7 ways to make money on internet

Well, when I say making money from the internet, many people think we need huge investments or spend a lot of time working on the internet. Do you think the same? If yes, Then here is the article in which I’m not going to share that Dumb worthless methods and I’m going to share 100% legitimate ways to earn money online.

make money online

Here are the seven ways to earn your first $ online

#1 Online advertising

advertising online is a great way to earn money. If you are a website owner and your website is having good traffic, you can make money by using advertisement platforms like Google AdSense, Media.net etc..,You can also put banner ads by selling ad space on your website

#2 Affiliate marketing

This is the one of the best way to earn a ton of money if you know what works. In affiliate marketing, you need to select a product, promote that product, get the sales or leads and you will be paid for every sale you made. If you are really willing to work hard and dedicate your time then affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

#3 Freelance jobs

Working at the place you love, Having a great time with family and earning killer income, is only possible by working as a freelancer. If you are good at some work and willing to work from home Then Freelancing will be a great way to earn money. You can try various works like Graphic design, photo editing, article writing, video editing etc.., which can easily pay you 5-50$ for normal works which take 2-3 hours.

#4 Paid surfing and survey filling

There are some companies that pays you some money each time you surf the internet via their network i.e, They will install some extension in your browser and enables it. each time you surf the internet by enabling that extension, you will get some share from their advertising revenue similarly, There are some sites which will pay you for filling surveys, captchas etc..,

#5 E- Commerce

This is one of the great ways if you done it correctly.
for example, You have source to get product for some relatively low price when compared to the price available in the market, Then you can earn good money by selling that products on sites like eBay and earn good money

#6 Domain flipping and selling

Flipping is the great way to earn money by selling websites. The process is, we work for website for some duration earn money from that website and when that site is increasing in all aspects, we sell that site for good amount

You can check examples below
Business.com – $7.5 million
AsSeenOnTv.com – $5.1 million
Altavista.com – $3.3 million
Wine.com – $2.9 million
Autos.com – $2.2 million

 The above sites are sold for that much big money and it can be only possible by selling and buying sites etc..,

#7 Work at home

Depending on the availability of time and number of working hours, you can do either full-time work or you can do it part time. These types of jobs are not an exception for anyone. College students, retired people, housewives, anyone can do this work. especially if you are looking for a job where you have freedom to work as you like, then work for home jobs are best way to earn money.

So far, these are 7 ways to make money from the internet. These methods are 100% legitimate and can make you money right from the first day if you have done it correctly.

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