9 surefire ways to increase your web traffic

The below post which you gonna read now will surely help you in increasing website traffic. As you all know building a website is only the one side of a coin. Getting good traffic, social shares, good engagement in comments etc.., will only be possible when you get the quality traffic to your blog. So, we have listed some of the proven strategies to increase your blog traffic. They are,

increase blog traffic

#1 Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website or web pages in order to rank well in major search engines like google, bing etc is called search engine optimization. In short- SEO. It is one of the best methods for getting quality organic traffic by ranking in search engines like google. If you are having trouble with optimizing your website, Then better hire an SEO consultant and make your work done.

#2 Directory and Local search engines listings

This is indeed a great way to boost the blog traffic. But, nowadays people are not visiting directories, as they are being run only for the link advantages

#3 Link exchanges (Still works!)

You may have heard that Link exchanges are dead. Even though some people say not do the link exchanges, But, link exchanges still work and it is one of the ways for getting traffic.

#4 Advertise using Adwords or banner ads

Advertisings and banner ads are great ways to attract traffic. Adwords is a programme from google which allows pay per click ads. Using AdWords, you can create a custom designed ad and use it for promoting your business on your own properties or on someone else properties.

#5 Guest posts

guest posts are indeed a great way to get quality web traffic from loyal readers of the sites in which you publish your article. When you submit a guest post, your name will be published under your post and the best thing is You will be linked organically and you can drive quality traffic. It will not only get you quality traffic but also links and popularity.

#6 Request reviews and sponsors posts on good blogs

You may request or even give a sponsored quality post to the blogs so that, They can link back to you and if your sponsored review is good enough, You can get quality traffic since your product reviews and stuff are listed in other websites

#7 Giveaway free gifts

This will be something like, do this steps and win a chance to get 500$ worth software absolutely free. These type of giveaways and freebies always attract users i.e, your loyal readers or people who visit your blog.

#8 Submit your site in social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking and social sites are a great way to get traffic for your blog. Having Facebook fan page, google plus business page, twitter business page will really help you in getting tons of traffic only If you are really good at promoting content and building brand

#9 Join Local business organizations

Last but not least The last strategy is joining local business organizations as it gains you good exposure for your website and thus will increase your web traffic. It will also be helpful in getting good readers and customers who have the interest in your niche.

SO far, we have covered 9 strategies which work really cool if you put into action in a right way. These methods not only help you in getting good traffic But also help you in gaining good links, readers, exposure etc.

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