Top 5 metrics you should look when buying an expired domain

Building Private Blog Networks and Websites, hosting those sites and getting them ranked using expired domains is not an unknown thing these days. But, people often get confused in selecting right domains, when they are buying them. When you are looking for expired domains to buy, then you should also know  How to spam check, evaluate and then proceed to buy them. Don’t worry! if you are new to this stuff! I’m sure You will learn How to master the art of evaluating and buying expired domains  by the end of the article.

5 Metrics you should look when buying expired domains

metrics to look when buying expired domains


#1 Majestic metrics

These metrics are probably the #1 to look after when you are buying an expired domain. Majestic metrics includes TF, CF, and RD. (check the definitions below)

Trust flow (TF)- is a number(0-100) predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

Citation flow (CF)- is a number of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it..

Referring Domains (RD)- The Referring domain is the domain from which the link is coming from

So, now you are aware of What the metrics are! Now let’s look at the minimum(good) requirements of all the above. Ideally, people look for the domains which are having TF>15, CF>15 and RD>10. The best-expired domain should contain TF and CF in 1:1 Ratio. If the domain contains metrics in 1:1 ratio Then, That domain works like a charm. Wait!! We can’t say the domain is very good by just seeing TF, CF, and RD we should also look after Backlink profile, Anchor text ratios, Topical trust flow etc.., Will write on How to analyse complete majestic metrics soon. continue reading the article for now.

#2 Moz metrics

Everyone is very familiar with the Moz metrics i.e, DA and PA. !! well, if not, I will explain them in an easy way

Domain authority (DA) – DA is a metric which shows the strength of a particular domain.

Page authority (PA)- PA is a metric which shows, How well your site ranks on search engines.

These metrics will get updated very Frequently. SO Focus on getting good DA and PA to your blog.

#3 Way back machine

If you got good results with above two metrics, You are going well. But still, there are some more metrics to look.

Way back machine is a web archive, which stores all the data which used to be there in your website. When you are buying an expired domain, apart from Moz and Majestic, You should also look after the history in way back machine.

Note: Site should not contain any Chinese anchors. All the anchor texts should be in English.


How to spam check expired domain using archive(way back machine)

First of all, you need to open, Then just put the URL of the expired domain to check whether the domain is having any Chinese anchors, any different niche articles etc.., If the archive is clean, You can proceed further to buy the expired domain. The #4 and #5 are optional to check. Some people actually ask for the below requirements. so, it would be better if you have an idea on those too.

#4 ahrefs (optional)

As, majestic is also providing the backlink analysis, anchor text ratios, anchor text cloud etc.., You can skip this step. If you still want to look the domain in ahref, NO big deal. Just put the domain and analyze the backlink profile, anchor text cloud etc..,

Note: When you look into the backlink profile, make sure that, the domain doesn’t contain any crappy links from heavily spammed Chinese domains etc..,

#5 Who is

This is not necessarily the important step but still, some people ask for “who is” info etc.., so it would be better if you had some idea on this too.

So far, These are the metrics which people look for while buying or evaluating the expired domains. If you like the article or if you have any doubts regarding the info, Please feel free to comment below 🙂

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