How to increase loading speed of your website – Infographic

No one wants their website or blog to load slow especially when they need good readers. Recently, google has given an update that, pages with good loading time and speed ranks better in SERPs. This shows the importance of loading speed for every website that want to get ranked well in search engines. The main reason why we need to speed up our sites is:

  If you have a one-second delay in page load time, Then you will be having 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. (source: Aberdeen Group)

Well, seen the metrics? Now, what!! You might be thinking how to increase loading speed so, Here is the nice infographic which guides you through every step to increase your loading speed and makes your site rank well on search engines.

reduce loading timeAs said above, Content caching, minifying scripts, moving complex codes to the footer and simple and fast loading scripts to  the header are the some of the best ways to optimize the loading time of your website. All the above-mentioned techniques in the infographic will really helpful to you  when it comes to speed optimization. SO feel free to have a try and let me know the results 🙂

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